Our Services

Here at Count Your Blessings Alpacas, we offer alpaca breeding, alpaca sales, alpaca
boarding (agisting), education, Shearing, and continuing customer support.

We are perfectly sized to offer personalized service and attention, along with a fine
selection of breeding stock, and future herd sires.

As always, we are very happy to assist with the purchase of pet-quality/fiber quality/
geldings, or an alpaca for an investment, and want to make it easier for you in these
current economic conditions. We offer special financing terms for you to consider.

We respect the fact that not everyone can pay cash for an alpaca. They are a significant
investment for most people.

Below are terms listed that are just some general parameters to give you an idea of where
to start. We work with every customer based on their individual needs, respectfully and

We offer FREE financing for up to 12 months with a one-fourth down and timely
minimum quarterly payments. Alpacas financed longer than one year will be agreed upon
in advance, for up to two years, at a fair market rate.

As is standard practice, ownership of alpaca shall be transferred upon payment in full.

We will be happy to talk about alternative financing that works for you. There are many
options available. Let us know what works best for you!

Boarding / Agistment for New Buyers
Agistment is currently available to any customer who purchases alpacas from Count
Your Blessings Alpacas. Agistment allows our customers to invest in alpacas, build
alpaca equity, while they learn more, gain knowledge and confidence. For a new buyer
this task can be daunting. Through agistment, the security and health of your investment
is assured. Allow us to alleviate your risk and fears while you gain the confidence in
alpaca husbandry. Your core herd will multiply, while you build equity and improve the
competencies of your business.

Through the agistment program, we will help you to learn what you need to know along
the way. Should you wish to have a herd-sire in the mix, we can help you select the best
one to suit your needs and budget, and help market your new herd. While you agist, our
farm manager, can help you gain the confidence that you need to manage your alpacas at

We offer free board for SIX months with the purchase of alpacas from our breeding
program. Fiber-quality alpacas will be agisted for up to 60 days free of charge if
purchased alone or with other fiber quality animals. Daily board fee is $3.00 per day
($2.00 per day if alpaca was purchased from Count Your Blessings Alpacas).

We will transport animals that are purchased free of charge within a 150 mile radius, and a minimum total purchase of $5,000. Affordable rates for transport of fiber quality animals. If delivery is outside of this range a shipping charge will be added to the price of the animal or the last payment if payment terms are desired. This charge will vary depending on the distance of delivery. Please call to discuss.

Guarentees and Warranties
We offer live birth guarantees and warranties, and full reproductive capability for our
females and males (sold as herd sires or jr. herd sires).

Maiden females come with a free breeding at breeding age to any male solely owned by
Count Your Blessings Alpacas (Only board fees, and medical expenses apply if any).

Pre-purchase exams are welcomed, and may be done at the buyers expense.

Restocking Charges
Restocking charges for incomplete sales: If a sale is canceled and a deposit is made via
credit card access through this web site, a 5% service charge will be retained in order to
cover the costs incurred by the credit card company for the incomplete sale.

Other Terms and Conditions
Discounts available on multiple alpaca purchases. Please ask about our specific
discounts, and special package plans. Discounts available for multiple breedings
scheduled and contracted within a 12 month period.

All alpacas are registered with the Alpaca Registry, Inc.

Standard AOBA contracts are used.

Pet/Fiber quality males are sold without ARI Certificates. An upgrade option is available
for Pet/Fiber males as specified in the contract agreement, should you wish to stud
the animal. Once fulfilled and the upgrade is paid for, then the ARI certificate will be

If we don’t have the terms you are looking for please ask. We are willing to match most
any terms and guarantees within the industry. We want our customers to be comfortable
and very happy before making the final purchase with Count Your Blessings Alpacas.

Rick and Annette Paulus

Count Your Blessings Alpacas

680 Doorley Rd.

Sidney, Ohio 45365

(937) 497-0944 or Cell (937) 538-0308